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Alteration Prices:

Here are some of our prices, please keep in mind that not all alterations are the same so pricing may be different


Hem length                                         $12.00
Hem with Lining                                 $14.00
Hem with a cuff                                 $14.00
Hem with lining and cuff                         $18.00
Redo fallen out one side Hem                 $ 6.00
Take in waist                                 $15.00
Take in waist with lining                         $18.00
Take in sides                                 $12.00
Take in Sides with Lining                           $16.00
Move waistband                                 $16.00
Replace waist elastic                         $12.00
Close pockets                                 $ 8.00
Remove Pocket                                 $15.00
Change Zipper                                 $12.00
Take in Crotch                                 $12.00
Jeans regular hem                                   $12.00
Jeans original reattached hem                 $15.00
Jeans take in Waist                         $15.00
Jeans take in Sides                         $12.00
Jeans Change Zipper                         $15.00
Jeans take in Waist and Crotch                $18.00


Hem length                                         $12.00
Hem sleeves                                 $14.00
Hem sleeves with cuff                         $20.00
Darts front or back                         $10.00
Darts front and back                        $15.00
Shoulders Tak- in or Let-out                 $15.00
Buttons move or replace                         $ 3.00 each
Take in     $20.00

Dresses Short or Casual:

Hem                                                 $12.00
Hem with lining                                 $18.00
Hem with 2 linings                                 $18.00
Take-in/Let-out sides                         $15.00
Take-in/Let-out sides with lining         $20.00
Straps                                         $12.00
Zipper change                                 $16.00
Zipper change with lining                           $22.00
Dart in front or back                         $10.00
Dart in front or back with lining                 $15.00

Gowns and Long dresses:

Hem narrow                                 $20.00
Hem narrow with 1 linings                 $30.00
Hem narrow with 2 linings                 $35.00
Hem narrow with 3 linings                 $40.00
Hem wide                                         $25.00
Hem wide with 1 lining                         $30.00
Hem wide with 2 linings                         $45.00
Hem wide with 3 linings                         $60.00
Take in/Let out                                 $20.00
Take in/Let out with lining                 $35.00
Zipper replace                                 $25.00
Zipper replace with lining                           $35.00
Straps                                         $12.00
Shoulder take in or let out                 $20.00

Home Essentials

Curtains Length Cut and Hem                         $20.00
Curtains with Lining Length Cut and Hem         $40.00
Valant 40"X20"                                         $25.00
Valant with Lining 40"X20"                         $45.00
Small Pillows with Zipper                                   $25.00
Medium Pillows with Zipper                         $30.00
Large Pillows with Zipper                                   $35.00
Tablecloth Oval                                         $20.00
Tablecloth Round                                         $20.00
Tablecloth Square                                         $30.00
Comforters, Sheets, Pillowcases Mending         $8.00


Repairs                                                 $6.00
Pant Patches                                         $8.00
Jean Patches                                               $10.00
Monograms application Small                         $3.00
Monograms application Medium                 $4.00
Monograms application Large                         $5.00
Snaps, Hoops Buttons                                 $3.00

School Uniforms

Skirts Hem                                                 $12.00
Skirts Hem with Cuff                                 $14.00
Skirts with Shorts Hem                                 $22.00
Move Waist Band Down Skirts with Shorts         $25.00

Move Waist Band Down

Skirts or Shorts Take in sides                         $12.00
Skirts with Shorts Take in Sides                           $20.00
Embroidery Monograms                                 $15.00

We accept Credit Cards:
Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club and JCB

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Our Focus: Vip Alterations, Cleaner, Design And Services Alterations, Dry Cleaning, Bridal, Tailor, Shoe Repair

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